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Every New Year brings a new list of resolutions and a desire to hit refresh on everything - including your kitchen design. But a new kitchen look doesn’t always have to mean a big, expensive reno project - with a few little tricks it can be easy, painless and in many cases,  even budget friendly. Interior designer and blogger, Jacquelyn Clark shares three easy tips that are sure to spruce up your kitchen in a big way.

What Are Your Kitchen Resolutions?

May 31, 2017

1 - Organize all the things. A simple way to give your kitchen an instant refresh is to grab your organizing hat and press go. Tackle that daunting spice rack with a few new labels, and ensure all of your jars match - a little effort goes a surprisingly long way. Next, pick up a few shelf organizers to help make every nook and cranny of your kitchen work harder for you. Organizing and tidying can make you (and your kitchen!) feel brand new again.

2 - Art Swap. Revive your love for your kitchen by swapping out your artwork - without spending a cent. Instead, just shop around your home and rotate art work to instantly give every room a completely different look and feel.

3 - New year, new finish. Appliances are at the heart of every kitchen and have a big impact on its overall design. For a more dramatic vibe, swap out your dated appliances with new ones and try a fresh new finish like GE Appliances’ Slate. The unique dark grey, stone-inspired matte finish is a warm neutral that works for every style. Bonus: you don’t need to be afraid to mix-and-match with stainless, it’s totally versatile. 

To learn more about GE’s Slate finish, visit And to learn more about Jacquelyn Clark, check out

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