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GE Appliances’ top load washers now have Water Station, a water faucet feature in the back of the basin, perfect for pre-treating clothes and hand washing delicates


September 6, 2017
Grass stains, red wine and marinara finally met their match with GE Appliances. Always obsessing over industry-firsts that make everyday life easier, the team has fashioned a top load laundry line featuring three essential technologies that gives owners the power to pre-treat stains with soapy water right at the machine, dispense the right amount of detergent at the right time and control the load remotely through smart devices.

“The new onboard Water Station combined with the proven SmartDispense™ technology and WiFi®capabilities on GE Appliances’ top load models give you power,” said Julie Muennich, director of marketing for GE Appliances’ laundry products. “The power to laugh off that rogue squirt of mustard. The power to celebrate the game-winning slide into home. The power to keep a load tumbling, even when you are binge-watching your favorite show. And it’s all because the minds at GE Appliances are always inventing new ways to protect your garments and your peace of mind.”

Pre-treat Stains Conveniently
Pre-treating garments can often save them from permanent staining and make them last longer. The problem is that a lot of laundry rooms don’t have a utility sink. GE Appliances’ top load washers now have Water Station, a water faucet feature in the back of the basin, perfect for pre-treating clothes and hand washing delicates.

Options for using Water Station include “detergent + water” and “water.” When pre-treating is done, simply close the lid, letting the clothes soak a bit longer, or pick a cycle and start the load. The dirty water will drain, adding fresh, clean water every time.

Dispense Detergent Smartly
In addition to the new Water Station, this top load laundry line includes the SmartDispense feature, which allows you to toss laundry into the washer and not worry about measuring the right amount of detergent or fabric softener. The system stores and automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener based on each load’s size, soil level, water hardness, and fabric or cycle type.

Control Your Laundry Remotely
WiFi Connect allows owners to start their wash cycle before they get home from work, extend the tumble dry cycle after it stops, start the dryer from afar and make laundry a less time-consuming chore. By using WiFi Connect, owners can control their washer or dryer from virtually anywhere. 
The new top load laundry line is available now with an MSRP of $1299 for white and $1349 for diamond grey finishes.

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