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6 Benefits Of A Kitchen Island

October 24, 2018

More cook surface, additional storage, and maybe even some seating? There's a lot to love about a kitchen island.

If one thing can transform a kitchen overnight, it's the addition of an island. And luckily, there are kitchen island options to fit nearly any size room and any size budget.

If you don't have a kitchen island and aren't sure what you have to gain, or if you're considering a kitchen redo that may or may not have space for an island, check out these six benefits of a kitchen island.

#1: Seating

Add a kitchen island, and you may instantly add a spot for kitchen seating. Consider narrow stools with no backs to minimize traffic flow disruption.

#2: Storage

Some kitchen islands are simply tabletop surfaces, but the underside of that surface is a good spot to add hooks for pots and pans. Other versions have built-in shelves, cabinets, or drawers, giving you a storage boost for your cooking space, too.

#3: Flexibility

One of the great things about a kitchen island is that it can be made from many things, including a tabletop that's at work surface height. And kitchen islands that are not stationary can easily be moved out of the way or rolled into another room for serving or eating space for larger gatherings. (Remember to install rolling and locking casters for ease of movement.)

#4: Prep and serving space

More kitchen countertop space equals more room to chop, stir, and assemble meals and serve dishes, too. If you have an avid cooking or baking interest, consider an island with a countertop surface (butcher block or stainless steel) that's primed for your favorite task.

6 Benefits of a Kitchen Island

#5: Amenities and appliances

Most well-planned kitchen layouts focus on creating a triangle between common work spots - cooking surface, sink, and fridge. A kitchen island can be a great way to maximize that working arrangement by including space for a sink or small appliances. If budget allows, outfit your island with pop-up shelves that stash bigger essentials such as a stand mixer.

#6: A family hub

When your family has a spot to sit, cook, and work, they'll gravitate to that room. An island is a great way to centralize your family's daily activities.

TIP: Kitchen islands provide a perfect spot for small appliances, such as microwaves. Check out size and feature options to fit your family's needs.

6 Benefits of a Kitchen Island

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