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It’s #NationalLaundryDay
Use These 4 Laundry Hacks to Declutter Your Laundry Room

April 11, 2019

Happy National Laundry Day! We’re celebrating by sharing some laundry hacks and tricks with Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit to help you keep your clothes fresh and make your life a little easier.

Make the most of your space

It’s hard to do just about anything when you’re balancing a laundry hamper in your arms, and it’s even harder when you’re moving around a cluttered space. While your laundry room might be a cramped or awkward space right now, it doesn’t have to be! Take a look at these posts from @TheHomeEdit for some declutter inspiration.

Find the right appliances

You can free up time in your life and space in your laundry room if you have the right appliances. Simplify your life with these great features available on select GE laundry pairs:

  • Wi-Fi Connect – Timing is everything, and when your laundry appliances are hooked up to the internet you can monitor your laundry from your phone, follow dryer cycles, download custom cycles, and get alerts when your laundry is done.
  • SmartDispense™ – When you store your detergent inside your washing machine you can free up shelf space and get rid of the guesswork that comes with pouring detergent. It dispenses the perfect amount every time!
  • Water Station – Not every laundry room has an oversize sink for pre-treating and soaking clothes to get rid of tough stains, but now you can use your appliance as a water station and free up extra space in your laundry room!

Have fun and be bold

For most of us, the design and look of our laundry room has never been a top priority. But considering the amount of traffic this small part of the home gets, leaving it looking drab isn’t just a wasted opportunity, it can make laundry day feel like a downer when it doesn’t have to!

Make laundry day more of a bright and enjoyable experience by upping the decor of your space with appliances in GE’s stylish Diamond Grey finish, or experiment with fun wallpapers, bold colours, and cute space-saving ideas like these ones from The Home Edit to add some fun to your routine.

Save energy with a top loading machine

Top loading washing machines are coming back into style. In addition to the classic familiarity and reliability that people love, new top loading machines like the Design Line Evolution from GE Appliances help you save on space where it’s at a premium with their ergonomic design, making them a great option for modern homes.

How are you planning on celebrating #NationalLaundryDay? Share your ideas on social and tag @geappliancesca and @thehomeedit to let us know.

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