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We know quality makes a difference.
For over 116 years, we’ve produced quality for the home. And now, we’re supporting those who produce quality on the field.


Player of Quality

Every once in awhile, you’re at your absolute best: perfect family, an Instagram-able moment and that work-life balance sweet spot. But life doesn’t always work that way. All the small victories, awkward moments, life hacks, rushing your kids off to practice with a healthy meal… rising to everyday challenges, that’s you. Nothing captures this spirit like sports and never quite like Canada’s most participated game , soccer. Over the coming months, GE Appliances will be highlighting the finest athletes and top difference makers in the game of soccer as our Players of Quality. At GE Appliances we believe in bringing good things, for life.

So whether it’s a Major League Soccer player, the coach who made it all happen, or the parents who sacrifice everything so their child may play ‘the beautiful game’, this is for you.

Jonathan Osorio

When Jonathan was 16 years old, he was invited to the U16 provincial camp, his coach at the time Juan Cruz Real talked him out of going which was a major shock to many. Juan convinced Jonathan that training with him would be better for his career. Jonathan and his father would drive over 90 minutes, 5 times a week to train with him. Juan organized a local all-star team, that travelled to South America to play against higher level opposition and Jonathan ended up getting picked up by one of teams. After that Jonathan’s career took off and he credits it all to his coach who pushed him to become the true Player of Quality that he is today.

Victor Wanyama

Montreal’s star player is an icon in his native Kenya. Through his foundation he is providing opportunities for Kenya’s youth to fully explore their talents and advance their life skills. Wanyama’s foundation is currently in the process of building a sports complex in Busia County that will revolutionize sports and education in the country. The foundation has also recently partnered with the UN to help Kenyan communities recover from Covid-19.

Armand Kadiamba

Armand Kadiamba is a 13-year-old midfielder from Quebec City, who currently plays on the U15 CF Montréal Academy team. His journey has not been an easy one. In order to train full-time with the Academy he made the decision to move to Montreal and live with a host family – leaving his parents in Quebec City. Although it was a difficult decision to make, his parents are proud to give him the opportunity to fulfill his goals and maximize his potential. Armand knows this is part of his road to becoming a professional, and that’s why he’s being highlighted as our GE Player of Quality.

Lilly Brochu

From a young age, Lili has been obsessed with the beautiful game. Whether it’s juggling the ball over 100 times in her basement or training at the local park in rain, wind or snow, her motto always remains the same: whoever gives up on being the best stops being good. However, she too got to the point where she wanted to stop playing and almost gave up. Under the mentorship of Freddy Amegavie, he gave her new confidence to dribble, reinvent her game, but most importantly, reignite her passion for the beautiful game. Lili’s drive to putting forth her best efforts, open to reinventing her game as well as facing all her challenges head on, makes her GE Appliances Player of Quality.
No sport has showcased more heart and passion than the soccer community- from the fans, to the coaches, to the players, to supporters like us. What better place to show our commitment than on the sleeve. GE brings the same level of passion in developing our products as the soccer fans and soccer community bring to the BEAUTIFUL GAME.
Our new sponsorship with CF Montreal, couple with existing relationships with Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps, cements GE's support of soccer — at all levels — across Canada.